Self-Exclusion Options for Addicted Gamblers in the UK

While it is great to see that there are so many fantastic options up for grabs when it comes to gambling online, it is essential to discuss the negative sides of gambling. A gambling addiction can happen to anyone, and it’s important that we remove the stigma surrounding addictions so that we can meaningfully help them.

If left unchecked, gambling addictions can lead to negative consequences in a person’s life. It can lead to financial and legal struggles, relationship strain and difficulties in the workplace. By the Mayo Clinic, gambling addictions can sometimes lead to poor physical health and mental health, too.

Gamstop vs Gamblock

To start off with, it’s important to consider two of the biggest names in gambling exclusion software. As you’ll be able to tell from this paper, Gamstop is virtually a household name when it comes to gambling exclusion software. This company is run by a small team, but they have made an incredibly big impact.

We’ve already covered the majority of Gamstop’s essential points in this paper, in earlier sections. This service offers total exclusion for a number of periods- the gambler can choose 6 months, a year or 5 years. The service is very thorough, and it requires manual removal if a gambler chooses to come back to gaming.

If you’re on the hunt for a program that can stop gambling software and websites being accessed on multiple computers and/or by multiple people, though, Gamblock could be the best choice for you. This service aims at removing access to gambling content entirely, and it’s a very flexible option.


Another great piece of software that aims to support people with addictions is Gamban. Gamban is advertised as being exceptionally easy to use, and it covers a person’s entire library of devices. It even comes with a 7 day free trial, and some exceptionally affordable pricing.

If you’re on the hunt for a brilliant tool to help you cool off after losing a lot of money, Gamban could be great for you. Additionally, Gamban has an exclusion plan to go alongside its cool-down plan, which is brilliant. The testimonials are glowing, and absolutely worth taking a look at today.

Count Me Out and Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

It’s not just online gambling tools that are effective in helping to exclude a person from gambling. There are a number of unique self exclusion services in circulation right now, all with incredible members of staff to help support gamblers.

One of the most notable self exclusion services that people should be aware of is Count Me Out. As shown on their website here, this program is made up of a database which allows local communities to support gamblers who are in need of help. This information can be passed on to counselling services and support groups.

Anonymous gambling meetings can be incredibly helpful for self exclusion and support, too. Gambler’s Anonymous and GMA meetings can be exceptionally fulfilling and rewarding for people who are struggling. Finding a community of people with similar struggles can be a great way to power through a difficult recovery.

Specialist Software

It’s not just services like Gamstop and Gamblock that exist to support gamblers in need, either. There are plenty of brilliant platforms, apps and online services that are free to use and quick to sign up for.

Betblocker is one of the most popular tools that gamblers use for self exclusion nowadays. It’s simple to get started with, and at the time of writing, it blocks over 13,483 different websites. It can also be used as a parental control tool.

Parental control tools can be surprisingly useful for gambling exclusion as a whole. NetNanny is a wonderful example of this. It offers AI-based monitoring, time limits and general content filtration. It is not specifically aimed at gamblers, but it can be incredibly handy to have nonetheless.

It’s brilliant to see how many pieces of software and online tools there are to support gamblers in need. Even if a tool isn’t specifically aimed at gamblers, it can still be used in a similar fashion to achieve great results.

Self Exclusion With the Help of Specialists

The final option to consider here is contacting a specialist. A therapist, counsellor or dedicated addiction specialist can help gamblers to make the first difficult step in getting through their addiction. Specialists can help to keep addicted people on track to achieving their goals, and to motivate them too.

If you’re looking for help from a specialist, it could be worth speaking to your GP or doctor. Check to see whether there are any local helplines or counselling groups that you could attend, to work alongside tools like Betblocker or Gamstop. The best approach here could be to use multiple techniques.

The UK gambling scene has truly come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s very reassuring to see that there are so many ways for people to get support with their habits and issues. Gambling addictions are still heavily stigmatised and stereotyped against, though, so it’s vital that we keep this conversation going.

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Self-Exclusion Options for Addicted Gamblers in the UK
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