How to Choose a Non-Gamstop Casino: Advantages & Disadvantages

If you have made the decision to gamble with a company that is not covered by a service like Gamstop, it’s essential to make sure that you spend some time researching what your options are. An extra 5 minutes of research can make all the difference when you’re on the hunt for a great online casino or betting provider.

Detailed Guide of Choosing an Online Casino

We’re passionate about connecting our audience with the best possible casinos. To help you out with finding a great one that isn’t associated with Gamstop, we collected our top tips for finding the best online providers. This list is not exhaustive of course, but it’s a bank of helpful research tips that should make the process easier for you.

To start off with, it’s essential to find out what other customers have said about your chosen casino. Look on their company website for customer reviews and testimonials, so you can get to grips with what they’re like from an outside perspective. Third party review websites and social media pages can also be helpful here.

Another great way to learn more about a casino’s reputability and customer reviews is to head to social media. Nowadays, almost every business is present on social media. Take a look at their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages if they have them.

While you’re researching your chosen company, do make sure to bear in mind how old the casino is. As a general rule, older casinos and betting companies are more trustworthy. This is not always true, naturally, but a casino who develops a reputation for scamming or unreliability will not last long in this industry.

After you’ve spent some time researching what other customers have to say about a casino, do make sure to check out their services and games in more depth. A great place to start is the gaming software provider. Who is it that makes their games? Is the gaming software provider an industry name? This can help to guide your hand towards finding a brilliant gaming provider to play with.

It’s worth taking a look at whether there is a good series of games available on the platform in question, too. Do they have all your favourite games? Are there classic games, or exclusively new and modern ones? Make sure to check out their full library, so you know that this is a platform that is worth spending money on.

Another good thing to take a look at is whether there are any ways to play trial versions of your chosen games. If they offer free trials or taster sessions, this could be worthwhile. Double check whether there are any hidden fees or requirements, of course, but trial versions can be great for getting a feel for a platform.

If you do manage to find a trial or taster session, it may be worth jotting down some notes while you play. How responsive is the game? Is it easy to understand and follow? How does it stack up to other games that you’ve played? Being mindful of factors like these can help you pick out a great betting platform.

Once you’ve checked out a gaming platform’s reviews, software and game library, it’s good to have a look at their policies and restrictions, too. Firstly, take a look to see whether there are any details on game updates and changes. Check whether bugs or glitches happen often, too- you can cross check this by going through their social media pages if needed.

Take a look at their policies, too. Look for withdrawal restrictions, gaming limits and general holds. This is essential to know before you sign up for a gaming platform, of course. There’s nothing more disappointing than signing up for a platform, winning big and then finding out you can only withdraw half of your earnings every two weeks.

Another important thing to spend some time looking into is the gaming license and regulatory provider that your chosen betting platform uses. This is vital to look out for, as there are unfortunately some gaming platforms on the market who are unlicensed. Save yourself the hassle, and make sure you game with a safe, licensed provider.

If you’re unsure about whether the casino is verified and licensed, why not get in contact with their customer service line? Alternatively, you can contact the regulatory provider of the company that they are based in. It may seem like a lot of effort to do this, but it’s worth it to save yourself any future trouble or disappointment.

On another note, it’s also good to take a look at what bonuses and freebies your chosen platform comes with. Make sure to double check that your home country residents are eligible for the bonus program, and that it is included with the games that you’re interested in playing, too. This can be very beneficial in the long run.

Something else that’s worth looking at here is what banking options and financial support your chosen gambling provider offers. How are you going to pay for your gaming habits on this platform? What are the withdrawal procedures like? These are essential to read up on, so that you can game with full confidence.

It’s good to see whether you can play your favourite games on the go with your desired provider, too. Do they have an app? Is there a mobile version of their site? You can find this out by checking out their website, or searching up the brand’s name on the App Store.

Finally, make sure to double check whether your chosen gambling provider has good lines of customer service. It’s important to make sure that you can get in contact with a casino representative if the need arises. You can double check the quality of a company’s customer service with the aforementioned customer reviews.

In summary, it may not seem like the most fascinating thing in the world to spend time researching casinos, but it is vital. If you want to make sure that you’re spending your money with the best company possible, you’re going to need to spend some time looking through reviews and getting to grips with what options are available to you.

Non Gamstop Participating Companies

Something that we are dedicated to doing is keeping our audience up to date on the latest companies that are not involved with Gamstop. After all, not every casino company is involved with this program, and there are some amazing ones to be aware of.

In this section of the paper, we’ve gathered a number of topics that we believe will help you to find a non Gamstop casino that fits your individual needs the best. We’ve gone over the types of gambling sites that don’t use Gamstop, to start off with, and then discussed individual websites that are worth checking out.

To finish up this section, we included some self-exclusion options for UK gamblers to consider. Even if Gamstop isn’t something that you think you could work with, it’s good to be mindful of the fact that there are lots of options available. If you’re struggling with your habits, there are lots of support systems in the UK to help you feel more in control of your life.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Playing at These Casinos

Of course, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to consider when you’re looking to play with a non Gamstop casino. No matter if you’re coming back from a gambling exclusion or simply looking for a new gambling provider to play your favourite games with, it’s important to be mindful of these differences.

To start off with, playing with non Gamstop casinos offers gamers a lot more choice and variation with what they’re playing. Gamstop casinos are UK based and licensed by the UK Commission, yet plenty of other fantastic websites and casinos exist in different countries. Playing with non Gamstop casinos opens up new opportunities.

Another one of the most notable advantages of playing with a non Gamstop casino is that there are much higher bonuses up for grabs. The bonuses that Gamstop casinos offer are good, but they are controlled by the UK Gaming Commission, which limits them. Non Gamstop casinos do not have these limits.

Following on from this, it’s also good to note that non Gamstop casinos also offer quicker financial transactions. Whereas some Gamstop casinos may have long clearing periods or withdrawal times, this is not the case for lots of non Gamstop casinos. Additionally, withdrawal limits are not as much of an issue here, either.

A final benefit of gambling with non Gamstop casinos is that there are less qualifications and verification procedures to go through. Signing up, getting verified and beginning games is a lot quicker with gambling websites that are not associated with a service provider like Gamstop.

On the flip side, it is important to remember that the availability of non Gamstop casinos can hinder people who are looking to stop their gambling habits. Gamstop is a service that covers a lot of ground, and the fact that gamers can still access online casinos could be detrimental to a lot of people who are hoping to overcome issues with gambling.

Furthermore, there are no automatic self-exclusion functions that can take online casinos entirely off a gambler’s radar. If a casino is not associated with Gamstop or a similar service, it can be incredibly difficult to disable each and every website manually.

Additionally, it’s important to bear in mind that there are some safety risks and potential hazards to be aware of when looking at non Gamstop casinos. Not every non Gamstop casino is dangerous, of course, but it’s good to be mindful of the fact that hacks, data leaks and illegal usage do still happen.

It’s also worth noting that one of the main benefits of strong regulation and legal protection is that, if something does end up going wrong with a licensed casino e.g. a data leak, the chances of a gambler being fully protected are much higher. The casino will be penalised, and it’s worth considering when looking at loosely regulated or even unlicensed online casinos.

To sum up, it’s important to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of gambling with a non Gamstop casino. The risks of gambling with one of these companies is higher for those with compulsive habits, and this should be something that potential users are mindful of.


All in all, there are some truly fantastic casinos and gambling providers that you can access online that do not fall under Gamstop’s coverage. Whether you’re coming out of a period using the gambling exclusion service, considering signing up for it, or simply looking for new websites, we’d recommend looking into the ones in this paper.

Of course, do make sure that you do your research when you’re looking to gamble with these websites. The fact that they are not covered by Gamstop does not mean that they are of poor quality, or that they are unverified- they are simply not holders of a UK Commission license, as we noted earlier on other pages.

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How to Choose a Non-Gamstop Casino: Advantages & Disadvantages
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